Beginner: Huawei APP Performance Management (APM) in Unity Development

  • A computer (desktop or laptop) running Windows 10.
  • A Huawei phone (with the USB cable), which is used for debugging.
  • Java JDK installation package.
  • Unity software installed.
  • Visual Studio/Code installed.
  • HMS Core (APK) 4.X or later.
  • Open unity Hub.
  • Click NEW, select 3D, Project Name and Location.
  • Click CREATE, as follows:
  1. Assign APM script to Canvas.
  2. Select Button and add onclick event.
  3. Assign Button to Button handler.
  • Always use the latest version of the library.
  • Add agconnect-services.json file without fail.
  • Add SHA-256 fingerprint without fail.
  • Make sure dependencies added in build files.
  • Make sure that APM Service enabled.




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